About ME


From a tender age I have been immersed in performing arts of all kinds; singing, dancing, acting and playing various musical instruments. In essence, creativity has been at the core of my expression as an individual and have been working professionally since the age of 16. 

My involvement in the performance industry has ranged from amateur productions with local theatre companies, to world wide international sensations such as ‘Thriller Live’ and ‘Stomp’. 

During my years with ‘Thriller Live’, my position as Resident Director cast light upon my ever-growing interest in the elements of the creative and directive side of the industry.

My transition from in front of the camera to behind the camera, has opened a whole new realm of opportunity. As a Cinematographer, I incorporate my experience as a choreographer and dancer in all aspects of the media industry, whether it be through the camera, direction of a scene or in post production.

As a professional, I approach each project with high levels of expectation, aiming always to create products with high cinematic results.

Although my professional focus has shifted into cinematography, I continue to perform with live shows around the world and I am always searching for visually exciting and creative ways to connect with an audience.